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In a perfect world...

Game 4, NBA Finals - Pistons 88, Lakers 80 - Pistons 3-1

I'll be watching the Pistons win the NBA championship on Tuesday from a bar in Central Square (Cambridge, MA) with the Shahman.

As it stands, all I know is: I'll be watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals from a bar in Central Square (Cambridge, MA) with the Shahman.


I'm not sure there's anything left to say about this Series, especially the Pistons play. They've made most pundits - especially those at espn.com - look silly. Before the Series, I was reading praise of the Pistons' D, but with this condition - as good as it is, it's still likely that the Lakes will get to 80 points. After that, the question was, "Can the Pistons actually score 80?"

We know how that turned out.

What impresses me most about the Pistons' D is that it's so athletic. They don't play slow-ball and thug their way to low scores (as one mid-90s New York team did). And I wouldn't say that the only difference between the Lakes and Pistons is "hustle." To me that implies that if only the Lakes chose to play a littler harder they'd beat the Pistons. The difference is - as Doc Rivers has been saying - the Pistons athleticism and speed. They've got the physical talent and the desire to pursue - shots, long boards, breakaways (evidence: Prince's rejection of Miller during the Pacer series). Their defense practically hunts the ball. And that's a reflection on the character of the players and, I think, the coaching job that Larry Brown has done.


A lot had been made of the Malone-Rasheed matchup. How Sheed has the youth, the speed, the health, and the skills to make Malone look terrible. How the Pistons needed to exploit that.

Well, the Pistons got through the first three games of the Series with only minor contributions from Sheed.

Who knew that it would take a little bit of a tussle with Medvendenko and Sheed nearly blowing up at the refs to get him into this series. Sheed went for 11 points over the first 31 minutes of Game 4. After the third-quarter technical, Wallace went for 15 and hit the boars like a madman.


Anyway, till next time...

- damnlakers
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