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Tell me that it isn't true.

The Day Before

The last time that I dreamt about the NBA playoffs, I dreamt that actual final score of the 7th game of the Kings-Wolves matchup.

Last night, I dreamt a 33-11 first quarter lead for the Lakers against the Pistons. Not likely to actually happen, what with the Pistons D, but it gave me a fright anyway.

Now, all superstition aside:

Despite all the hoopla about the Kobe-Hamilton matchup - (they played against each other in high school..., Hamilton would like nothing more than to have Kobe guard him so he can run Kobe through three or four picks a possession), - the most interesting matchup is certainly Malone-Wallace. Malone had all kinds of trouble against the young power forwards of the West, which as of a half season ago Wallace was. If things get tight and the Pistons come up with a couple of games, look for some patented "physical play" from Malone. Then, if Malone throws a couple WWF-type hacks at Wallace, we could be in for a real treat - a bunch of mouthed "motherf***ers" (unless ABC does the right thing and mics Walllace so we can hear the words), a couple post-game, outside the locker room duels, ... and somehow , thanks to the likes of Marc Stein (*see below), Wallace will come out looking like the out of his mind, dirtyballer, while Malone remains the old-school, future HOF'er who's just searching for a ring. (On the freakin' coattails of two of the top four players of the last five years, it's worth pointing out.)

In some final news, Marc Stein of espn.com is a tool. In two articles, he's handed the Lakers the NBA Finals championship and the label of the greatest franchise ever. I understand that he's an LA man and all, but come on, at least wait until the Lakers actually take 4. But again, maybe I can only believe that the Pistons have anything resembling a chance because I...

Freakin hate the Lakers...

- damnlakers
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